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Deep in the metal guts of the device, an algorithm tests whether each thumb-shaped voltage disruption moves more that a certain number of pixels, called touch slop. If the movement is sufficiently small, the phone registers a keypress rather than a swipe. The allotment of characters is a carefully chosen number, if you believe the legend: In , German telephone engineer Friedhelm Hillebrand sat at his typewriter and wrote as many random sentences as came to his mind.

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His team then looked at postcards and telex messages, and noticed most fell below characters. Legends rarely tell the whole story, and the legend of SMS is no exception. Hillebrand and his team hoped to relay messages over a secondary channel that phones were already using to exchange basic information with their local stations.

Signalling System no. If Hillebrand wanted text messages to piggyback on the SS7 protocol, he had to deal with this pretty severe limit. Normally, bytes equals characters. A byte is eight bits each bit is a 0 or 1 , and in common encodings, a single letter is equivalent to eight 0s and 1s in a row. Part of that byte signal needs to contain your phone number, and part of it needs to contain my phone number.

By the time Hillebrand and his team finished cramming all the necessary contextual bits into the byte signal, they were left with only enough space for characters at 1 byte 8 bits a piece, or 1, bits. But what if they could encode a character in only 7 bits? But assuming people will never use those symbols in text messages a poor assumption, to be sure , this allowed Hillebrand and his colleagues to stuff characters into a byte space, which in turn fit neatly into a byte SS7 signal: exactly the number of characters they claim to have discovered was the perfect length of a message.

A bit like the miracle of Hanukkah, if you ask me. But this is actually not how the message is stored on her phone. It has to convert the 8-bit text to 7-bit hex codes, which it does by essentially borrowing the remaining bit at the end of every byte.

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The math is a bit more complicated than is worth getting into here, but the resulting message appears as. The first ten bytes are reserved for the telephone number service center address, or SCA of the SMS service center SMSC , tasked with receiving, storing, forwarding, and delivering text messages.

The next byte PDU-type encodes some basic housekeeping on how the phone should interpret the message, including whether it was sent successfully, whether the carrier requests a status report, and importantly whether this is a single text or part of a string of connected messages. Get it? It takes about 40 possible values, and it tells the service provider how to route the message. A value of. The next byte is the Data Coding Scheme DCS, see this doc for details , which tells the carrier and the receiving phone which character encoding scheme was used.

Incidentally, this is why when you text emoji to your friend, you have fewer characters to work with.

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The validity period VP space can take up to seven bytes, and sends us into another aspect of how text messages actually work. Take another look at Figure 4, above. I like to think of the SMSC continuously checking every online phone to see if its mine like a puppy waiting for its human by the door: is that smell my human? Is that smell my human? Is this smell my human? The validity period VP bytes tell the carrier how long the puppy will wait before it gets bored and finds a new home.

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The user data length UDL byte solves this problem: it relays exactly how many bytes the text in the text message actually take up. Those bytes are:.

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Note: to get the full message, I need to do some more digging. Alas, you only see most of the message here, hence the?? That means each wave is between 6 and 14 inches from one peak to the next. If cell waves are 6 to 14 inches, their antennas need to be inches. Now stop and think about the average height of a mobile phone, and why they never seem to get much smaller. This base transceiver station BTS is about 5 blocks from my favorite bakery in Hazelwood, La Gourmandine, and though I was able to find its general location using an android app called OpenSignal, the antenna is camouflaged beyond my ability to find it.

The really fascinating bit here is that it reaches the base transceiver station at all, given everything else going on. On top of that, a slew of radio and TV signals are jostling for attention in our immediate airspace, alongside visible light bouncing this way and that, to name a few of the many electromagnetic waves that seem like they ought to be getting in the way. Were my wife and I on different cell providers, or were we in different cities, the route of her message to me would be a good deal more circuitous.

From there, it gets routed to the base station controller BSC , which is the brain of not just our antenna, but several other local antennas besides. This alphabet soup is easier to understand with the diagram from figure 7; I just described steps 1 and 3. The SMS has to go from the SMSC to a global switchboard and then potentially bounce around the world before finding its way to my phone.

A trip of a few dozen miles in the blink of an eye. My pocket vibrates. A notification lets me know an SMS has arrived through my nano-SIM card, a circuit board about the size of my pinky nail. Like Bilbo Baggins or any good adventurer, it changed a bit in its trip there and back again. Comparing figures 3 and 8, we see a few differences. These two information inversions make perfect contextual sense.

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Her phone needed to reach me by a certain time at a certain address, and I now need to know who sent the message and when. But you already know how screens work. Red, green, and blue combine to form white light in a single pixel. Fiddle with the luminosity of each channel, and you get every color in the rainbow. Each pixel, as the acronym suggests, is an organic light-emitting diode. Tech News. Android iPhone and iPad. Despite the onset of instant messaging, SMS still plays a critical role in your digital life for purposes like bank alerts. Fortunately, there are ways you can view and send text messages from your the comfort of your computer.

While there are a few downsides to it, the default SMS app does come with a host of handy features. Sadly, Windows users have no option for this if they own an iPhone. Using AirMessage, you can now enjoy iMessage on your Android device. Read More. Google Voice subscribers have an option to view their messages through the official web app. You can compose new messages and it even supports media previews. On the same page, you also have access to your phone logs, voicemail, and more. It features a Material Design theme and a familiar two-column layout.

In addition, you can enable dark mode from the settings. You can even commence both private and group conversations from the web app itself. To get started, open the Android Messages website.

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Once there, fire up the Messages app on your phone and under the three-dot menu, tap Messages for web. Follow the steps and you should be online in a few seconds. Apart from letting you quickly share files and mirror notifications from your phone to a PC, Pushbullet also has a dedicated SMS tab. You will find all your existing conversations there, and can view or reply with both text and media.

Then, swipe out from the left edge to reveal the navigation drawer and choose SMS. On your computer, there are multiple ways you can view your messages. You can download the desktop apps or browser extensions, or sign in at the Pushbullet website. Download: Pushbullet Apps Free, subscription available. Pulse is a third-party SMS client that offers a multitude of advanced features.

That includes a wide range of themes to choose from, password protection, Giphy integration, previews for web links, a ton of nifty shortcuts, and of course, the ability to manage SMS messages from your computer. The Pulse web app functions similar to Android Messages and comes with a modern, clean aesthetic with all the tools you need. However, these supplementary features are not free.

Along with letting you text from your computer, MightyText has a plethora of utilities like an SMS scheduler, a multi-window mode where you can attend to numerous chats at once, and more. MightyText can do a lot of what Pushbullet offers, including notification mirroring. Because the free version has a monthly cap for how many SMS messages you can send, you will have to purchase the subscription for unlimited access.

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I only have a Galaxy 4 Tablet - no Android phone. Can I still use MightyText? If so, how? Thanks, Dan. That means it's good to go. You don't have to do anything else with it on your phone. Follow the instructions, man. Just go to the website it gives you to finish setting it up. Works great!

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    Make sure it has all the features you need in an easy to use dashboard. If you want a spy tool with more than basic features expect to pay more. The last thing you need after paying a monthly subscription for a phone spying app is poor customer service and support.